Gray’s Papaya NYC

In March of 2016 I shot this ad for the legendary Gray’s Papaya Restaurant in New York City.

Vivo Resorts, Mexico

In January of 2018 I was a support cinematographer for a week long shoot at the beautiful Vivo Resort in Oaxaca Mexico.

Strathmore Rodeo

Using the RED camera system, I shot 2 full days at the Strathmore Rodeo in August of 2014. I then edited both videos including colour correction.

Wildflower Ranch

In August of 2014 I wrote the script for Wildflower ranch, a community in Starthmore Alberta. I also shot all the footage using a 4K RED camera on the ground and in the air from a helicopter. After the footage was shot I edited the video and completed all overlays in After Effects.

Excel Homes

I shot and edited both videos in commemoration of special events for Excel Homes, first a celebration for the sale for their 10,000th home, and the second a renovation project for a local boys and girls club.

Village Honda

In June of 2013 I worked as a camera assistant on a commercial shoot for Village Honda in Calgary. The project was shot in 4K on the RED Scarlet.

Beausejour Manitoba

In December of 2013 the production crew for Wild Bob Productions traveled to Beausejour Manitoba. I worked as a camera assistant on the RED Scarlet in -40°C to capture the local amenities for development videos. I then edited the videos with additional footage shot that October.

I edited this video and wrote the music.